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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alarm On Silent Does NOT work on Nokia E65

PC Suite Bug Alert: For those that upgraded from the Nokia 6230 to to Nokia E65, you will remember fondly a feature that the Nokia E65 does not have - silent alarms. This is a feature which allows you to have a pop-up reminder which doesn't audibly sound. 

On the Nokia PC Suite calendar, it is good for E65 users to realise that the Alarm On Silent does not work. If you select this option, there will be no alarm reminder for your calendar item. The time will pass by like nothing happened. No pop up. No alarm sound. Good to know before you miss a meeting by selecting Alarm on Silent. 

The anomoly is that if you look at your phone, the phone shows that an "alarm" has been set for that calendar item. It just won't happen. However... if you editted your calendar item on your phone, say, change the time, it is now set to be an Alarm With Sound item. On the PC Suite, even after your item has been changed to have an alarm with sound on your phone, it will still show as an Alarm on Silent item... which we've discussed above is no alarm at all. 

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