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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nokia E75 and E52 - your thoughts?

As this blog is more aimed at being a community of users rather than an expert website (if you want more professional reviews there's always I'd like to hear from those who have played with and tried the Nokia E75 and the Nokia E52. We'll have a review up later when we get to play with it but for now, if you have played with either phone, give us your "gut reaction" response to the phones. Don't worry about dimensions or features (again, people can find that at, let's hear what you think and what you feel about the phones.

Quick comments.. Nokia E52 has apparently 672 hours of standby battery life and 9 hours of talk time!! According to CNET, battery life is the big fail for Nokia E75.

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  1. Coming from using the E65 to the E75.

    The refreshing differences are faster cpu, faster data speed (3.5G), GPS (quick GPS lock-in compare to older Nokia Phones), the QWERTY keyboard, USB power charging.

    There are still some software bugs in Nokia Messaging and Bluetooth connectivity.

    The thing I miss most from my E65 is the Pencil Icon.

  2. Replaced the pencil with holding down the hash key right?

    Definitely the GPS is a big seller but is it better than the E71? QWERTY keyboard is neither here nor there i feel, its not big enough to be a touch typing keyboard neither is it a small one for your thumbs to navigate easily around.

    Thanks for your feedback.. anyone else?

  3. The # key in the front keypad can't be used to do Mark/Unmark when you want to select for eg. A few SMS messages that you want to delete.

    To do the same selection as in E65, you've to open the QWERTY keyboard, use the right sited Ctrl key and the Directional key which is now also right orientated in the landscape mode.

    GPS, yes the lock is much faster compare to a E71. Have done a side by side trial.

  4. jus bought an E75 a couple of days back.. absolutely love it.. its fast and functional.. i love the QWERTY keyboard, i chat for hours with my friends typing with it and its jus a lil uncomfortable when you wanna reach characters which are on one side of the keyboard but that can worked on with regular use.. even the battery life i feel is not bad, atleast acc to my use it is'nt.. i listen to internet radio, chat on fringe, have my wifi on a lot of time but still am satisfied with my battery..

    i give it a 4/5 rating!

  5. Own an E52 for 3 days now. Great Phone. Massive battery capacity, USB charging, great email integration, fast browser, sleek design and well priced!

  6. so which one has a better gps signal E52 or E75? will the build quality E75 last long enought?

  7. I believe since e52 has a better processor,gps on e52 should b faster to b operated than that on e75 though the gps is quite the same for those e52 and e75. The faster hsdpa which can reach up to 10 mb/second should assist the A-gps on e52 much better.

    In terms of build quality,i suppose both of them have good quality. We can not say that phones with a qwerty keyboard slider are more fragile than the bar form factor. Again,it depends on how u treat ur mobile.

  8. Just passed one day and a half using my brand new E52 and I can say I am pretty happy with it except from the gps that more than 50% it does not even get the signal... :S

  9. i loveeeeeeeeeee my e75 man !!!

  10. MyE52 ...
    Pure design and beautiful shape will multi tasking is fabulous, but for some reasons such like hanging and restarting just because of more then 3 application running i-e GPS , GPRS , Camera with other. It is really fast Mobile. but on GPS battery goes right of after 4 - 6 hrs.
    Signal catching power over GPS is very weak if OVI maps is used but better performence over Google Maps...

    Over all, i love ma E52...

  11. My new E52's GPS performance is a pleasant surprise. Using A-GPS, it will lock on within 5 seconds.

    With A-GPS, Garmin seems to lock on faster, within 30 seconds out in the field. Nokia Maps takes a bit longer but with a minute.

    But battery only last 2 days and I suspect it's the playing around with the GPS the culprit.

  12. more thing. The E52 is amazing in able to do so many thing. Wifi. GPS. Office document. Heck, it will even read to you your SMS while driving. The only complaints so far would be:
    1. Built quality. Not as tough but if built tougher, wouldn't be so light in weight.
    2. Tiny function keys. Likewise, if any bigger will result in a bigger sized phone.
    3. May be the battery is still new but so far, couldn't last more than 2 days.

  13. My e52 battery will not last more than 8-9 days with normal usage like 5-10 of talk time and 20 mins of texting. I thought it had a longer battery time than this.
    Apart from that its easy to use,the camera is ok and solid built too

  14. I've had an E52 for about a month now and i must say it's an amazing phone!!! I've had my share of phones and am an avid gadget buff (that's a lot, mind you! I have 6 phones right now.. :P) and i must say this is the best affordable phone nokia has created... The GPS is fast an royally accurate.. The battery backup is amazing (4-6 days easily atleast)!! (for those who're having 2-3 days backup at the most, that's just sad..) There's nothing this phone can't do.. And the build quality's great! It's everything i've ever wanted in a phone..

  15. i forgot security password for my nokia E52, is there any way i can break it and set new password ?
    thanks in advance