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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MyE65 says no to Optus Monster Cap Plans

This week, Optus released new "monster" cap plans, but it didn't take long for the internet community to realise that Optus was not aiming to shake the market up, more like shaking people away from Optus.

Here are the essential details of the new Optus Monster cap plans
- Yes time (free calls between Optus customers for 20min during 8pm-12am) scrapped
- Per 30 second billing is replaced with per minute billing
- "Optus2Anyone" and "Optus2Optus" caps included
- Can only use "Optus2Optus" cap AFTER you run out of "Optus2Anyone" cap
- Unlimited SMS & MMS on $59 cap and above
- 5 second call on a $49 cap will cost $1.15
- No data has been included in the caps
- iphone, blackberry and HTC plans not affected *yet*
- Nokia E71 free on the $49 cap
- Nokia E63 unavailable

On Whirlpool, Australia's biggest online bulletin board, around 87% of users were unimpressed with the new plans. More than half of these people also said that they will tell other people that the plans are not good. What do you think? Personally, the Three $29 and $49 cap plans for Nokia E63 and Nokia E71 respectively look more attractive.

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1 comment:

  1. When I saw the new Optus caps, I was expecting them to offer something better. I saw that they now are using the tactic of combining Optus2Optus and Optus2Anyone to make it appear like they're giving more value.
    Ofcoure, as you stated there is no "better value".
    Was planning to switch to a Optus post-paid, but think I will stick to beancounter for now.