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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Signed up a new Nokia E63 with Three - 12 months on $29 cap

Over the weekend, the two year contract with Optus and the Nokia E65 ended and it was time to find its replacement. Firstly, lets say that the Nokia E65 has served me well. Its been on for the most part of two years and its only signs of aging include suffering recent "blackouts" where it would reset for no apparent reason. This has only happened recently, being a reminder that it was time to retire this reliable workhorse.

Just in time, the Nokia E63 was offered free on the $19 cap plan for 24 months. However, it was the 12 month $29 cap plan that had me sold because:
* This would be like purchasing the Nokia E63 @ $348
* 12 months later I would be able to find a replacement phone, probably the Nokia E71
* $19 cap plan didn't provide enough call credit for my "normal" usage

I added $8 per month to get on the X series which is Three's internet package. This gives 100mb of download, free usage of unlimited Three email and free news and weather.

The Nokia E63 was finally chosen after considering the various factors:
* It does mostly what the E71 does at almost half the cost
* I have a GPS dongle which enables me to use GPS on the Nokia E63 (more about this here and here)
* Seems more durable than the Nokia E71
* Includes a handy torch
* Enables editting and reviewing of documents with QuickOffice
* Can use multiple internet applications at a time like MSN, Fring, Skype etc
* User interface is very fast and responsive, much faster than the E65
* 12 month contract!! I can have my E63 AND my E71!!

Now the wait for the Nokia E63 to be delivered.

I'm not looking forward to:
* Reinstalling all the applications I use
* Transferring contacts, address book and calendar entries
* Reconfiguring a new phone to have the least possible hops to every feature I use

Of course, I also got $64 cashback as week by signing up to Moneybackco BEFORE signing up to 3. See this post for more details. Make sure you log in to moneybackco and follow the link to 3 in order to get the moneyback.

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  1. Wow! Good luck with the new toy :)
    mate would you mind sharing your experiance with E65(or E63 would be even better) + Blootooth GPS adaptor as well..