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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Excellent value Nokia E63 with Three $19 cap

In February 2009, the Nokia E63 was on the Three $49 cap for 24 months ($1,176 min commitment)

In March 2009, the Nokia E63 dropped to free on the $29 cap for 24 months ($696 min commitment).

Now, the Nokia E63 has dropped to being offered free on the $29 cap for 12 months ($348 min commitment).

Alternatively, the Nokia E63 is free on the $19 cap plan with a Three 24 month contract. However, the $29 cap is an excellent option if you see yourself considering a new phone in a year's time.

We've discussed earlier how the Nokia E63 is a very good alternative to the best smartphone, the Nokia E71. To make the E63 a GPS phone, you only need a GPS adapter discussed here.

There is a good chance that the reduction in price on the nokia E63 is a temporary one to test the market so if you are like me, considering an upgrade from the Nokia E65, this may be best time to lock in a new phone at a good price if you are in Australia.

Interesting to note, it costs around at least $AU387 to get a Nokia E63 outright.

Edit: Tips and tricks for Nokia E63 now has a separate blog at

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  1. now you can get the nokia e63 for only $199... thats quite cheap...