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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nokia E65 - Questions driving you nuts

I've noticed that there has been an increasing number of people coming to this site probably with questions they want answered about the Nokia E65 (possibly from other E65 users). If you have such a question, post it here in the COMMENTS section and someone else passing by may have the answer.

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  1. Last night I set the alarm on my E65 for 7am and turned my phone off.
    I'm pretty sure the alarm did not sound as I woke at 8.10am...
    Now when I power up the phone, it boots straight to the alarm pop-up, giving me the option to Stop or Snooze.
    But neither works. After a couple of seconds of me frantically stabbing the keys (or doing nothing), the phone reboots back to the alarm pop-up again.
    (In fact, absolutely nothing works: I can't select other apps and the keypad doesn't work.)

    I've tried taking the battery out for a couple of minutes and that has had no effect whatsoever.

    So my beautiful, 6-week old E65 is completely dead?

    Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated...

  2. I've just set my alarm for 2 min later and turned off my phone. When the alarm sounded, the alarm rang and it gave me the option of snooze or stop... after selecting STOP, the phone asked me if I wanted to turn the phone on. I think your phone has a hardware problem and should take it back to the company that sold it to you.

  3. my key pad does not work at all. how do i activate the keypad?

  4. Try turning it off and on again. Otherwise, sounds like a hardware fault. You should take it back to your phone dealer to get it checked out.

  5. i locked my nokia E65 now ive forgotten e lock code and cant access my do i access my phone?

  6. Can I change the text size on my phone?