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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why Nokia E65? QuickOffice - Word Excel and Powerpoint

We'll now look at a scenario... you are on your way to a meeting.

Before the meeting..
Admittedly you may become cross eyed editing your excel spreadsheet on this phone, but QuickOffice is a very handy tool for those who may want to make last minute changes to their presentation or want to backup their word document because they don't trust their memory stick. Before you shout at me, I should mention that Quickoffice by default does not allow you to edit your files, you need to pay a small fee for that to be enabled. You can only view files until you upgrade the software. With a portable SU-8W Bluetooth Nokia keyboard you have yourself the lightest laptop you will ever find!!

After the meeting..
You can also send your presentation to other people via Bluetooth or even email the presentation from your phone if there is WiFi available. Failing that, you could use GPRS or WAP if you have a data plan with your phone. Failing that, you can eject your miniSD card, stick it into your SD Card adapter and plug it into your friend's computer (as most computers now have SD card readers).

There is another program that doesn't come with the E65 and it really makes you wonder why! The Nokia Presenter is a program that allows you to control a powerpoint presentation using your E65 via Bluetooth.. more on this another time! This is already too much to read for some.

EDIT: Many of the new phones now come with Quickoffice full version installed like E71

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  1. REX> Thanks for the amazing site you have here.

    I have OfficeSuite 4 on my e65, and it says that it supports Landscape powerpoint view.

    The thing is I can't even find this option. The only view OfficeSuite 4 runs my ppt presentations in is Portrait.

    So how can I show my Powerpoint presentations in Landscape mode? And are there any other programs that can do that?


  2. How can unistall quick office 5???
    I have probleme ..

  3. OfficeSuite 4 problem cannot be solved because that is an issue with the software.

    As for the Quick Office uninstall, shouldnt it be done through SETUP --> APPLICATION MANAGER?

  4. phone does not find my bluetooth headset

  5. What is the latest version of Quickoffice that can work with Nokia E65 ?