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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why Nokia E65? MP3 player one less bulge

Quite often people will ask, why do you need your phone to do so many things? Well, when you have a phone that takes photos, you may not need a camera. When you also have an MP3 player, you can save on your pocket real estate.

With the Nokia E65, one small "hack" for listening to mp3s is to pair your phone with a bluetooth loudspeaker in your car so that you can listen to podcasts (dont really suggest listening to music unless you have a bluetooth receiver hooked up to your car stereo system) as you travel. As you listen to your mp3s, your phone will switch off the music when someone calls in and when you are finished with the call, it will switch the music back on. There's one advantage over your car stereo system. Another good thing is that the nokia E65 can multitask. Your phone can continue to play your mp3s even if you decide to use the calculator, start up your GPS bluetooth program or send an SMS to a friend.

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