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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why Nokia E65? Size vs Features vs Price

When deciding which phone to get, I was wrestling between the Nokia N95, Nokia N80 and the Nokia E65. It wasn't easy choosing between the three but one thing that moved me towards the E65 was the size of the phone. When you look at it, the phone seems quite large but most of the phone's surface area is the screen. When you have features like mp4 and 3gp video playback,
camera, internet surfing and word processing, you start to appreciate the size of the screen! The E65 is about half the thickness of the N95 and the N80 making it one of the slimmer slide phones. Also, I heard from quite a few people that with the E65, the slide mechanism is a lot more solid than previous Nokia phones.

Nokia E65 - GPS when you want it
Back to the comparison, the N95 offers GPS and that was one of the biggest questions floating in my mind... would I pay another AU $500 for a phone with GPS? I decided there was no point because the Nokia E65 supports GPS but to buy this separately, you will need to buy a Bluetooth GPS device for about $100 more (a fraction less than buying a Nokia N95). I figured that the main use of GPS was in the car so if I got a bluetooth GPS device and put it in my car, it will connect to my E65 when I need it most - in the car.

Finally, you might be wondering why I was only comparing between Nokia phones. From what I have seen, Nokia phones are more intuitive in their design making the features of the phone easily accessible. This is unlike many other brands which may have all the bells and whistles but whats the point when you want to set an alarm for example, you need to scroll through
4 menus to get there?

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