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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why Nokia E65? syncro-NICE

If you have a bluetooth dongle set up with your computer, you can upload songs to your phone when without connecting the phone to the computer via the cable. Even more useful is that if your phone automatically syncs with your PC, when you have taken photos for the day and you walk over to your computer, your computer and phone will start sorting out what photos are new and copy them over to the computer. This will also happen to your NOTES and your CALENDAR items*. Before you can even sit down, you already have your photos loaded up on your computer ready to be added to your blog, sent to your friends or just stored for safekeeping.

* All these features require you to set up your synchronisation with your phone and PC and there are options to only sync CALENDAR items for example if you dont want the other things sent over to your phone.

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  1. Do you saw erase archive from pdf download in page from website in nokia e65 ?

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  3. dotn really understand your question...

  4. I am using goosync to sync my E65 calendar with the Google calendar. I do not have to sync with my pc any more, but i can use the wifi connection to synchronize.

    The only problem i had was that the google calendar automatically adds 10-minute warnings to every calendar item, thus waking me up at 23:50 to tell me there is all-day event coming :).
    But i have disabled this on the google calendar, now everything is fine.

    One thing though - maybe you know? Can i set the Sync option under the extra button on the frontend of the phone? That would save me going into the menus every time....