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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why Nokia E65? - More on WAP/GPRS

OK lots of people ask "SO WHAT if you can surf the internet on your phone? When are you ever going to do that??" I'll have to go to some local examples for this one but I am sure you will also be able to apply this to wherever you come from. Consider the usefulness of having access to the following websites that I have bookmarked in my phone (or could have).

Qantas Arrivals/Departures
To find out the times for a flight coming in or leaving your city.

Rainfall Radar over your City
There are clouds in the sky and you are considering doing the 500m dash to the bus station... do you go for it? Check the rainfall radar! Or if you don't know what the weather is going to be like tonight, check the weather forecast

Check what the price is for your favourite stocks.

Google or Snopes
Everything: Urban Legends:
You're arguing with your friends about the stupidity of iPhones soldering their batteries to their phones to increase revenue and your friends INSIST that this is a myth... consult the oracle right there and then so you can rub it in their face that you were right!

Other useful situations (add your own website)
- Movie times
- Bus/train/ferry timetable
- News websites when you are waiting for a friend
- Web email
- Google suite of websites - gmail, calendar, maps (more on this another time)

There are many more possibilities with having an internet connection with your phone and you will probably find that once you do have it enabled, you would probably refer to the net at least once in your conversations with other people and it would probably frustrate those talking to you... especially if they dont have internet on their phone :P

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  1. I have only just got my Nokia E65 and still learning how to use it so can anyone tell me in really simple terms how I can connect to the internet on my phone and then how I can set up my personal email please? Thanks!

  2. probably best to contact your mobile provider (eg Australia - Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin etc). They need to send you "settings" via SMS to help you get started but in many cases you need to contact them first.

    When you go to WEB in the menu section, you will notice that it asks you how you would like to connect to the internet. There should be some settings there. If not, then you needto contact your service provider as mentioned in the previous paragraph

  3. Thank you. I'm in Australia with Vodafone, so will contact them. Is it expensive?

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  5. hey erm when i use the youtube mobile app, it searches for access points i select a free wireless LAN one (i know that isnt the problem as its my home unencrypted network, and yes i know it should have ecryption but i just turned it off to make sure it wasnt the source of this screw up!)anway so i select a FREE WLAN then it sneakily decides to connect to my contract WAP charging me over £5 in just a couple minutes, it doesnt tell me its done this. even when i set the application settings for the youtube app to ask for connection everytime and NOT just first time this still happens! please help! email me