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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get CASHBACK for signing up to $29 cap @ with free Nokia E65

This is a money hack for Australian readers. As mentioned in a previous post, THREE is offering the Nokia E65 for free @ $29/month. Apart from that being an awesome deal, you can get an additional $74 back by doing the following:

  • Sign up to MoneyBackCo and then click through to THREE. This will get you $24 cash back when you sign up to ANY $29 cap plan like the E65! If you sign up for mobile broadband as well, you will get $20 cash back.
  • When you sign up online, you also get $50 credited to your bill on top of your cap.
MoneyBackCo is a good way of saving money in other ways too when you buy things online. They give cash back to the value of
  • 3% off purchases from Dell
  • 3% off purchases or Apple online store,
  • $21 cash back from Virgin Mobile Australia
  • $40 cash back for signing up to Bankwest Telenet saver
  • $25 cash back for signing up for 2 weeks free DVD rental from Quickflix
  • 5% off your purchase from
So before you buy, sign up to MoneyBackCo as a money hack for Australian users looking to buy a Nokia E65 with Three (or any of the above for that matter.) The only catch is that they keep the first $10 that you get cash back from the supplier which is nothing if you continue to use the website. The rest of your cashback is yours to keep.

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