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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

VOIP with Nokia E65 and iiNET

I still have not managed to make VOIP work on my Nokia E65 except when I am using Fring. The settings for a Nokia E65 used with Australian ISP iiNET is found below, not sure if anyone has had experience trying to make this work and maybe you changed something relatively minor and everything worked. Though these settings are specific to iiNET users, maybe share your solutions setting up VOIP with the Nokia E65 with your wireless LAN.

* When entering the sip server name please replace state with the relevant state from the following list act, nsw, nt, qld, sa, tas, vic, wa.

* When entering your phone number into your VoIP device always include your area code and do not enter any spaces or punctuation.

Depending on your firmware version, certain aspects of getting into various menus may be different. Please look at this as a general how-to

Configuring for iiNetphone
1. Go into menu -> tools -> settings -> Connection -> SIP Settings
2. add a new profile
3. Profile Name: what ever you see fit
4. Service Profile: IETF
5. Default Access Point: select a wlan AP
6. Public Username: sip:{your-iinetphone-number}@sip.{­ your-state}
7. Use Compression: no
8. Registration: options are always on or when needed - it depends on your usage as to how you want to set this up.
10. Use Security: No

Proxy Server
1. Proxy Server Address: sip:sip.{your-state}
2. Realm:
3. User name: your iinet number with area code
4. Password: your iinetphone password
5. Allow loose routing: yes (this option not availble on E series)
6. Transport Type: Auto
7. Port: 5060

Registrar Server
Replicate the Above details.

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  1. Hey Guy..i just stumbled upon your website and its real cool man..

    I need your help with something though..ive got some dirty data in my calendar, mostly repeated entries and expired there any way to delete all the entries in one fell swoop, instead of doing item by item...? Thanks for the help!

  2. I have my e65 and iinet working a treat ..
    try these settings .. (very close to the ones posted)

    Under SIP Setting choose the profile name u have set up ..
    Service Profile = IETF
    Default access point = (your WLAN)
    Public user name =
    use compression = No
    registration = Always On
    use secruity = no

    and for both proxy and registrar server settings

    proxy server address =
    Realm =
    user name = (just your iinet number)02xxxxxx
    Password = (your iinet voip pass)
    transport = udp
    port = 5060

    remember when making a call dial the number hit option and select internet etc

    hope this works as well for u

  3. Hi this is parijat i configured my Nokia E65 as per your settings but it keeps flashing NO Gateaway when ever i try to access net

  4. Same, I am thinking it could be the modem. Perhaps it is worth calling upt the modem's manufacturers and see if they have any tips - is yours a billion?

  5. Settings worked - incredible - so clear too.

  6. I am trying to set up the iinet VOIP settings the same way in my E71, but the sip settings keep saying registration failed. is there any specific reason why this happen?

  7. I've been trying to set up VOIP for IINET using a N85 as well and I also cant get it working!! Tried it before as well on E65.. let me know if u find something or if someone has a tried and tested way of setting iinetphone up

  8. E71 you need to go to tools/settings/connection/internet tel. and setup a default connection. next go to communication/internet tel and activate connection, you should now be able to make sip calls

  9. my E65 that constantly asks me to select an access point every few minutes. This happens even when there are no applications running i.e. turn the phone on, no apps running and it pops up the select acess point screen. Even if I select an access point (WLAN or cellular), the bug will still come back.