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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Your Hacks - What do you do with Nokia E65 Flash Player?

Looking through the different applications on the Nokia E65, I come across the Adobe Flash Player. I realised that in the past nine months of using this phone i have NEVER used this program! Am I missing something or has no other E65 user ever used Adobe Flash Player too? I have tried to look this up online but havent really (tried that hard) found anything about this. Flash experts do rise to this occasion and lend us your wisdom.

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  1. its used for playing flash files boss..

    example there r cool flash games like sudoko (most common) that can be opened using the flash app..

    it opens all file with SWF extension provided it uses less memory.. it cant open huge files since memory is restricted...

    and also in most cases we dont know that the flash player is actually running.. for example when using browsing a site with high graphic items, flash player will run in background to provide some user interface especially for the pointers (the mouse) or video and other graphics.. even youtube mobile version uses the app.. and there are many other uses for it which i guess u can find out now...

  2. If you want to play even .flv files then you can try Mobitubia.
    MobiTubia is Flash Video (FLV) Player and Full-Function YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for Series 60 3rd Edition devices.
    It's free and easy to use. I'm using it quite often on my E65 and I recommend it.

  3. Well, I don't know how to use the Html tags and haven't been able to activate the hiperlink to the afore said website. But the website URL is correct. Sorry.

  4. friends by switch of your mobile and press * , 3(number), and call key and switch on your mobile then the manual flash will be in process.
    note: it is possible only in s60.