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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Style hack - new Nokia Theme

One feature that can be easily missed in the new Nokia E65 firmware is the "NOKIA" theme which can be accessed in TOOLS -> THEMES . I am personally not that fussed with my Nokia backgrounds but after changing the theme, it has made a very notable difference to the look of the phone. The new "NOKIA" theme gives a blue background with a better looking battery and coverage indicators, guidelines in the calendar and just a clearer, brighter theme if you are used to the boring "Dots" themes.

Alternatively, you can hunt around the internet for other themes. If you have come across a good theme for your E65, please share in the comments section with a link to where the theme can be downloaded.

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  1. Hi, I'm watching this site almost every day and this is the post I was waiting for to give my links ;)
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  2. Don't forget to allow all certificates when installing themes.

    This website will show you how.

  3. search for a "dark teal" theme, the best ;)

  4. wew, i think, must use Hellox :D

    thx for information :D