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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Using Google Maps when you have a GPS dongle with E65

As you have discovered from mindless searching of the user manual and the phone, the Nokia E65 does not come with a GPS. However, to keep you guessing, Nokia included all the GPS programs that you would expect on a Nokia phone if you had GPS. Hence the continual searching for the GPS feature by E65 users. The only way you can get GPS going on your E65 is to buy a dongle. To this day, I am still not sure what is the best and cheapest way to achieve this. If anyone has a GPS enabled Nokia E65, let us know what brand model etc you are using.

Anyway, let's assume for a moment that you have made the GPS dongle purchase or you have a Nokia E66 or Nokia E71... The most exciting use of GPS on a mobile phone is using it in conjunction with Google Maps for Mobile. The downside: Google Maps for Mobile does require a mobile internet connection.

With that out of the way, let's look at the exciting things that are possible with Google Maps for Mobile:

  • Search for anything - If you want to find a street, restaurant, park etc there is a better chance you will find it with Google Maps for Mobile than with Nokia Maps. Once you search for the location you want, you can just select "directions to here" and the map will show you instructions for getting there from your current GPS location.
  • Watching you move -Its a bit of a geeky thing to be excited about this but just watching the blue dot moving along the street but that is all possible with Google Maps for Mobile.
  • Slow internet is still good - As you drive along, the map for the surrounding area is downloaded. This does not require too much data usage and loads up quick enough even on a slow internet connection to be of practical use.

There are many other uses for Google Maps which I will add in to this post at a later date, so bookmark this or come back later..

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  1. I bought the Globalsat BT-359 which is a bluetooth GPS receiver. It is good because it really works seemlessly with nokia and it can be carried in your pocket or used in the car. You can also use it with your laptop and battery lasts a while. It cost me about €80 last year.

    While on holiday, I set up waypoints manually on the Nokia phone from Google maps. Then when I was walking around to see the sights it was quite good for getting around without a map.

  2. I am using GPS Bluetooth - Royaltek RBT2001 with my Nokia E65 phone and it is working very good , I am navigating with same local softawre of my country called FreeMap (
    and I am also installed google map on my phone and it is working good.

  3. The downside: Google Maps for Mobile does require a mobile internet connection...

    Indeed, so GMaps is very nice, but overhere in Belgium you will have to get a very costly internet connection to your operator. until its free, no Gmaps for mobile on my E65

  4. I bought the Holux M-1000 dongle and it works very well with my E65. Only issue is with the Sports Tracker application on the E65 which has connection issues to the dongle.

    I did review the M-1000 on Amazon at

    For the record, I paid AUS$70 delivered back in 2007 for this unit.