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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can a phone share GPS from another phone?

This may be a strange question but as you may know, there are quite a few phones such as the Nokia E65 and E63 that come out on the market GPS-ready which makes a person think that GPS is available on the phone. What it really means is that the phone can connect to a GPS receiver and operate a GPS.

So the question a Nokia E65 or E63 phone user would inevitably ask is, can i connect via bluetooth my phone to a phone with GPS enabled such as a Nokia E71 or Nokia E90 and utilise its GPS receiver? No, that's not possible - I've tried and failed with that idea. Hopefully this post will save you from endlessly wondering about this question.

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  1. Actually you can. I have had a Nokia 6110 Nav (for 2 years) and just recently moved to a Nokia 5800 XM and have "shared" the GPS signal with other non-GPS phones - with the help of some software. Check out Symarctic ExtGPS. ( It gets the GPS signal then is able to pass the co-ordinates on via bluetooth. :-) I hope this helps someone.

  2. Thanks for the great idea. One question though, I have 5800XM and E63. For E63 to be able to use 5800's GPS, is this application EXTGPS required on both phones? I tried it installing on 5800, it shows green dot which means it has acquired lock to satellites. Bluetooth is on. When I try to launch E63 Maps application by turning on Bluetooth and selecting my 5800 XM as paired device, it is not able to connect. E63 keeps popping up a selection dialog to select a bluetooth device to pair to. And ExtGPS on 5800 shows Bluetooth status as not Connected. Help!

  3. i dont think that is possible

  4. Thanks for the quick answer. Can you please explain, why is it not possible? Both phones fulfill all prerequisites. What is then stopping them to work?