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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who visits MyE65 anyway?

We had a post a while ago about where everyone comes from and what they do. Here is a list of what you guys are up to out there in the real world. For those that have recently joined MyE65, leave a comment here and tell us who you are. If there was one thing that you would be a world expert in, what would it be? 
  • IT exec @ Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Pharmacist and Symbian blogger, Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Manager-North Borneo
  • Student Economics at Leuven, Belgium
  • Memory researcher, St Louis, USA (though I am an expat and only recently moved here from Leeds, UK)
  • IT student in Paris, France.
  • IT Program Manager, Lake of Garda, Italy
  • Electrical engineering, Taiwan
  • E65 user.Biomedical student@republic polytechnic.Singapore.20yrs old.
  • Work in IT in Fredrikstad, Norway.
  • Northern Ontario Canada
  • Accountant - Great Grimsby, UK
  • Saludos desde Cádiz, España
  • Hi from Cádiz, Spain.
  • Saludos desde Cádiz, España
  • Registered Nurse - Manila, Philippineso
  • Lawyer, Madrid
  • Software architect in Oslo, Norway.
  • Computer science student at Manila, Philippines.
  • Small Business Owner, Pune, India.
  • Bussiness Program Manager @ Chihuahua, Mexico.
  • Sarawak, Malaysia (borneo). 
  • Vancouver Canada : ) accountant
  • IT Consultant (ex RSA) now the Netherlands.
  • Got my E65 for 2 months now and proud of it! ;)
  • it and psychology student, web designer... mexico city
  • Sales executive for a telecommunications company, Dominican Republic
  • Softwaredeveloper from northern Germany :)
  • Kenya, Software developer
  • Adhesives Technologist, Farnborough UK
  • external auditor, 23 y/o, Cebu, Philippines =)
  • military, signal, Lisbon, Portugal ;)
  • PR Exec, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I love my E65 hehe
  • Information Systems student/Computer Scientist, Osnabrück, Germany.
  • IT Exec @ TropicalWeb , Maputo, Mozambique
  • South of Africa
  • Industrial engineering student from Burgos, Spain.
  • Cop moroccan,connecticut
  • Classified Resseller - Lisbon (Portugal) E65 Owner
  • IT what else ? Paris area, France
  • former PalmPilot user and developer
  • Student, Ricardo, Lisbon - Portugal
  • Accountant, Perth Australia
  • Just saying Hi from Brasov, Romania.
  • Cacak, Serbia. Fiberoptic Network Consultant
  • Project manager in public administration.Zagreb, Croatia, Europe. I just love my E65!
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • @ Quito-Ecuador
  • Product Manager in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Zichen-Zussen-Bolder , Belgium
  • A finance student - Karachi, Pakistan.
  • pastor - South Africa
  • Assist. prof. (Bridges & Tunnels) Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Infosec professional, Bangalore, India.
  • Database developer, Kingston upon Thames, England
  • Sw Development Manager, Portugal

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  1. Carlton Lindow Jr from cj's nokia e65 blog,i live in Trinidad and Tobago and work as an artist

  2. Tom, psychotherapist @ New Jersey USA

  3. Peter, engineering student, australia

  4. Researcher and M.Sc. student in the field of real-time systems, Lisbon, Portugal

  5. Maria, Prostitute, Portugal

  6. Cancer Registry Data Manager, from Perth, Western Australia

  7. if possible,how and where can i upgrade the quickoffice so that i can edit my documents and spreadsheets?