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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Notebooks, Netbooks and the Nokia E90 Communicator

In this post, we'll look at the Nokia E90 Communicator to see what it offers Nokia E65 users considering a new phone. At first glance, the phone doesn't look too impressive, with a cover design like that of the first generation Nokia phones. Perhaps its a trick played by the Nokia designers as your impression of the phone quickly changes when it opens up into a slick-looking QWERTY keyboard layout, like its superior, Nokia E71, but with a big, clear screen dwarfing all other smartphone screens.

The phone has GPS and bluetooth with the GPS working especially well on the large 800 x 352 pixels screen. We took this on a road trip and the GPS worked really well. We were however quietly hoping we had the voice navigation to trial.

The camera is 3.2 megapixels which is quite reasonable. It also has a flash and auto focus. As an E65 user, the E90's main appeal was the GPS and the large screen. The size of the phone is a little too bulky, requiring a second thought when considering whether to bring it along or not. Unlike some phones now, it does come with an FM radio but this comes with the usual pain of requiring a headset to use it.

The wireless LAN accessibility and the wide screen enabled me to surf the net at home when I couldnt be bothered turning on the computer. In my opinion, the E90 is too big to be a phone and too small to be a notebook or netbook. However there are many execs and professionals that may disagree with this conclusion as the E90 does launch one of the biggest screens that Nokia has ever put into a mobile phone.. communicator. Tricks and tips for the Nokia E65 as listed on this blog also work for the E90 Communicator so have a browse around if you came to this blog with a Nokia E90 in hand.

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