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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free 7 Day Navigation License from Nokia

If you have a GPS enabled phone (such as Nokia E71 and Nokia E90), get your free trial of the Nokia spoken navigations by following this link here. This will allow you to consider whether or not the 30 day or 1 year subscription is worth the money. With GPS modules dropping in price around the world now, I would imagine that Nokia should be considering dropping the price of their subscription to voice navigation.

As for what the trial is like, I've started on the navigation trial and so far it is quite an experience. It is easy to use with the Nokia E90 large screen and if you make a wrong turn, the voice navigation adjusts by planning a new route without berating you for taking the wrong turn.

The voice navigation from Nokia does not say street names, only announcing a turn around 250m before the turn and then "Turn left now" when the turn approaches.

Can you use another sim card whilst subscribed to voice navigation on another sim card?

No. Whilst you are using the navigation, you are unable to change SIM cards as the phone will no longer recognise that the voice navigation is activated. This i guess prevents people from registering for perpetual free trials using different sim cards. I am not sure if this is the case for the 30 day or 1 year subscription. I am also not sure whether you can put the sim card which IS registered into another GPS enabled phone device and run the voice navigation.

However, you can probably use the same phone for two or three 7-day trials using different Mobile numbers to activate the 7 day trial. That makes sense because if you sold your Nokia E71 on the internet to someone else, they should also be able to get a free trial as well. 

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