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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where are you? Google Maps 3.0 Tells Everyone

It's releases like this one that make us all excited about Google! And yes it does work with Nokia E65.

What is the most common question asked over the phone or text? "Where are you?" The latest instalment of Google Maps with Google Latitude answers this question before you even need to ask by broadcasting your location and the location of your friends to each other on Google Maps!! Yes, finally!! We have all wondered how cool it would be if we could see where everyone was at one time.

For example, if a group of your friends go to a concert and you want to know where everyone is at any one time, you can have everyone opt into Google Latitude and broadcast their location to everyone else.

If you are meeting your friend for dinner, you can see how far they are and when they are within 100m they won't need to call you to find precisely where you are.

Google Maps goes one step further than social networks online can go with this one. There is no need to twitter your location or update your status on Facebook. Google Latitude will update everyone (that you want to update) with your location (or your "fake" location if you want to lie). The official Google Mobile blog has more to say about this release here or the Google blog here. For now, we'll continue to explore this new feature and add more comments later.

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