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Monday, February 23, 2009

If you were a World Expert on Something... what would it be?

How does the internet work? Everyone in the world contributes what they know to a collection of information. This is how expert blogs start and how this blog came about as well. Some people enjoy tinkering with clocks. Other people like studying human behaviour. Still other people enjoy composing music. If you are not contributing to the Internet with your skills, maybe you have not thought carefully what skills or tendencies you have. 

I have had an idea for a while about combining a few experts into one blog website.. and I would like to know if you have an area of expertise and willing to join this idea. This is particularly aiming at those who have not yet set up a blog on what they think they can contribute to the global knowledge database that is the Internet. 

Some may be experts 
  • in cars
  • fixing home appliances
  • keeping things clean
  • organising life
  • finding shortcuts 
  • writing music
  • designng software
  • coming up with ideas for software
  • exploring all the possible applications of a phone / appliance (that's where MyE65 fits in)
  • marketing techniques
  • finding the cheapest way to get something done
If you have an area, leave a short comment and your email address if you would like to join the new experts blog or send me an email: mye65blog [at] The blog will be aimed at average professionals such as yourselves that may not have time to figure out all the bits and pieces of an area in their life but love to know the tips and tricks in life.  Think it can happen?

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