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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why Nokia E65? Remote Locking!

You are at a shopping centre toilet and after you have done your business, you walk away. 15 minutes later you realize you left your phone in the toilets! When you get back, its gone! What do you do?

There is an option in the phone called Remote Lock (under Tools - Settings - Security - Phone and SIM - Allow remote Lock)

Enabling this will allow you to SMS your mobile number with a predefined "code". When your phone receives this SMS, it LOCKS! You will need to put in an unlock code to use the phone again. The phone still allows you to call up your mobile and maybe negotiate with the thief (or suddenly, good Samaritan) to have your phone returned to you. Pretty cool feature!

See the video below for a demonstration...

How to Remotely Lock a Stolen Mobile Phone by SMS... for Real! - Watch a funny movie here

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  1. Hi,

    I`ve tried this with my E61. It asks me after entering the new code two times for a code. Is there any default code that is set ? It`s not my Sim Code or the Code i have set.

    Any ideas ?

  2. U need to enter the default code first to set ur new code. The default code is 12345

  3. I dont think the thief will keep the original sim card there in the phone after he has it in possession.

    Im wondering if this will work if he removes the sim card from the phone before you send the "lockme" message.

    The most clever way to lock it would still me IMEI lock.

  4. this is one of the coolest feature of e65. ive tried it and it worked. the phone even sents you a message confirming that the phone is locked.

  5. and what if stoler had remowed my sim?

  6. Then you have a problem.. not all opportunistic thieves think that far ahead. And anyway this feature is more aimed at those who are deciding between being a "good samaritan" and a new phone owner.

  7. For all that wonders what if the thief remove the sim the answer is : use the "Lock if SIM changed " option in the same Security Settings menu . Thanks for the video about remote locking .

  8. I have just bought a Nokia E72i-TV mobile phone and a person stole it from me two days later. How could I lock it remotely by using IMEI number? Please advice me.

    or is there another way of tackling this problem on remote lock. From: Thomas Aiye