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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Born to Fidget? 21 Things to do when you're bored

Nokia recently had an ad campaign that said "Born to Fidget?" and featured a guy playing with the Nokia 6500 slider phone while he was bored. Here are some things you can do while waiting for a friend other than slide your E65 open and closed. For the sake of ease, if you are not sure how to do any of these, use the search bar on the right to find how these can be done on your phone. These are all possible on your Nokia E65.

1. Search for a free WIFI hotspot nearby on your phone and try to connect
2. Change your phone theme
3. Add entries to your calendar for events and reminders
4. Write yourself notes about things you would like to do later
5. Read the Bible on your phone
6. Use Google Maps
7. Check your email
8. Play a game
9. Read a book on your phone (copy full text books to your NOTES)
10. Watch a movie or TV show on your phone
11. Delete programs you don't use or clear out your SMS, MMS
12. Check this blog for more ideas on how to use your E65 better
13. Set up remote locking
14. Find out how many hours you have talked on the phone since you got it
15. Update your group distribution lists
16. Set up your speed dials
17. Explore the various menus in the phone and learn something new about it
18. Use YouTaggedMe to see how many people have their bluetooth on around you
19. Take a photo for no reason, or of yourself in a mirror (apparently this is not called "taking a picture of yourself" anymore)
20. Listen to an MP3
21. Learn a new language with "XS 2 The World"

I'm sure there are other things you also like doing but are pointless when you are bored, like trying to balance the phone to sit upright, swiveling the phone around, choosing a new ringtone or alarm tone... whether its useless or useful, add a comment about what you do with your phone when you're bored.

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