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Sunday, May 25, 2008

My E65 now can send emails with Gmail Mobile! Sending emails error fixed

Gmail Mobile can't send emails?
One of the best programs to have on your phone is GMAIL Mobile. However, many of us has had the problem of not being able to send emails from this program. In an earlier post, I alluded to this problem. It only seems to allow you to check emails. However, I've finally worked out the problem... its basically impatience.

In Gmail Mobile, under OPTIONS, there is Go to --> Settings. The third option is "Always use secure network connections (slower performance)". If you are like me, I unticked this because one doesn't like to wait around. However, when you untick this option, it seems that this will stop you from sending emails! I ticked this option and tried emailing myself at another email account. SUCCESS! We all learn something new and today it was this for me. Hope this helps you...

Gmail Mobile Loads Really Slow!
That wasn't good enough for you? Here's another tip... GMAIL Mobile sometimes loads really slowly! It could be because you have "Preload unread mail to open faster (uses more data)" ticked. If you UNTICK this option, you may find that the GMAIL application will load faster. Comments?

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  1. I had problems to loggin in Gmail mobile...
    The best way is to active IMAP in your gmail account, and configure a new IMAP mailbox in your E65...
    You'll receive email in real time !
    Greater than POP3

  2. Thanks! I'm trying this right now!

  3. I uninstalled my Gmail Mobile to reinstall it with the updated version. Now I can't find it anywhere on the phone, even though I downloaded it 7 times. Can anyone help?

  4. I have the same problem as Henriette.
    Deleted old version.
    Downloaded new version, hit open.
    Nothing happened.
    Downloaded again, same problem.
    It also seems to crash the browser - I end up back at WLAN wizard.