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Monday, May 12, 2008

Addicted to MSN Messenger? Login on your Mobile Phone

Its been mentioned earlier that you can use MSN Messenger using the program Fring.. however, if you are using a slower internet connection like some data plans, Fring won't actually work. It works best when you are using a WIFI network. Also, some phone companies have certain arrangements where you can sign up for monthly subscriptions to use MSN but I don't understand why people would do that when you can do it for free. Here are some ways:

May only work in Australia
There is another way, using your phone internet browser to log in to your MSN messsenger account. Go to and it will take you to a login screen. Once you are used to this website, it would probably make more sense to bookmark the later page (this one might work for international users).
Another way is to use on your phone browser. This will also get you access to MSN Messenger on your iphone, PDA, Nintendo DS or even your Sony Playstation Portable! They also have an application which you can download and install to your phone if you want. Download it here.

Has been mentioned in previous posts like this one, but if you want to download Fring, you can get it from here. All you need to do is fill in your mobile phone number and FRING will actually sms you a download link for free where you can download the program. Remember, if you download it using your mobile phone provider, download charges may apply. Fring is good if you have a VOIP account, read more here.

Why would you want MSN on your phone? Here are some practical applications:
- Contact someone you know is online but doesn't have a mobile phone
- Make the most of free wifi to catch up with someone while you are waiting
- Check who's online to decide whether you want to boot up your computer

If you have a Facebook addiction... feed it with this post.

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