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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Nokia E65: 10 Things I... Dislike About You

Sure, the Nokia E65 is the best phone around* but there are other some things that I don't like about the phone. I'll try name ten.

1. Battery life - As I post this, my phone is occasionally letting out the sad tone that indicates the battery is about to die. But hey, if you want to save battery, get a phone that can't do much! The battery life problem is because the Nokia E65 is so useful!
2. The keypad - its quite hard to SMS without looking.
3. Camera - I am not sure whether the camera deteriorates or not but I hardly use it anymore because the photos don't come out too well.
4. No Stopwatch/timer - I'm not sure what their problem was, but why couldn't Nokia just add the stopwatch/timer feature to the E65? It's not like it would take up too much space!
5. Speed - Or lack thereof. I am not sure why but the E65 is a little laggy. It was something I knew about before I bought it but decided that it would be bearable.. and it has been. Just think of it as training up your patience..
6. Conference shortcut key - what a waste! I've never used this shortcut and I wish I could have customised it to do something else. In the future, Nokia, if you want to add a shortcut key, make sure we can change what you thought was worthy of the shortcut.
7. Two Internet Browsers - I am not sure how this works but sometimes when I open up a weblink, say from an SMS, an internet browser called Service pops up with different bookmarks to that of my usual web browser. Why couldn't they just use the one browser? Perhaps it is the same, but then why are my usual bookmarks not available in one, but only in the other?
8. Viewing videos - Sometimes if I play an MP4 on my phone, it will show the video but not the sound. Other times, it plays the sound but no video shows up. I am sure there are some ways of formatting the videos to work on the phone but I haven't figured it out yet.. maybe you can help?
9. No snooze adjustment - What if I don't think 6 minutes is an appropriate snooze length? What if 6 minutes puts me into deep sleep so I can't hear the alarm, or it is too short for me to get much out of my snooze? OK I admit this is not that important but, perhaps I'm running out of faults to find in the E65?
10. Your contributions... what don't you like about the Nokia E65? Remember the price you bought it at, so don't say things like it doesnt have a GPS or a touch screen or its not an iphone..

*Don't agree? start your own blog. :)

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  1. I think that a major contributer to battery drain is frequency of polling for new email. I've noticed that battery life is very bad if I set my (imap) mail account to check for new mail more frequently than every two hours.

    The reason for this appears to be that the mail client holds on to the data connection for maybe up to 30 minutes (for IMAP IDLE?)... and the next polling interval you can set that is less than 2 hours is 30 minutes. At that point the phone is holding the data connection open permanently.

  2. My E65 has managed to gather a disconcertingly thick layer of dust between the LCD and the plastic in front of it.

    This phone has spent most of its life in the office and my pocket, it's not like it's been on a building site. It's a major annoyance and I haven't yet found a way to clear it away.

  3. Maybe, remove the plastic in front of it? *shrugs* Thats what I did.. I think the plastic is not meant to stay on it. Just like people using sheets on top of their couches.

  4. Battery drain is mainly caused by the builtin wap browser, when it's open it can drain the battery in 2 or 3 hours, use operamini instead

    increase speed = defragmentation of the sd card

    the main think I dislike on mine is the poor relaibility of the sync with outlook, sometimes a field is not detected :-(

  5. The E65 is a very full featured phone; however, I've had nothing but problems with it :(

    - lack of firmware updates from Nokia
    - very slow (the slowest phone I've ever used.. and I've used a lot!)
    - crashes/becomes unresponsive at least once a day

    I've tried a hard restart and I have hardly any extra apps on the phone. I think this will be my last Nokia. It's a shame, because "on paper" the features of this phone are very, very nice.

  6. I've hardly ever had my E65 crash on me. Probably about 10 times in the last 11 months. There seem to be some poorly manufactured E65s which should be returned to your provider, it shouldnt be crashing so often! Firmware updates, not too bad but not as good as the N Series updates.

  7. probably very obvious but I've noticed that the battery drains quite fast if you have an application running in the background. This is especially true if the application is a older 3rd party program (eg. not official nokia program)

  8. Using Wifi is a major battery drain, that's for sure. But 3G is, too, so disable 3G if you're not using it.

    My E65 has crashed only twice in 9 months. I turn it off every night, and I think this daily reboot is a good crash-preventer.

    As for item 4 on the list, get the free Stopwatch java app. It's great.

    I agree with most of the other points made.

  9. Any one know how to import saved sms messaged from the memory card?
    I saved the from phone to memory card memory and reset my handset but now I can't work out how to import them back again - any ideas?

  10. The E65 camera lacks macro mode, but here's how to take close-up photos with the E65 just like it had one:

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  12. Actually, I'm pretty satisfied with the battery life, especially considering the convenient form factor of E65 and the amount of features it packs in. It's a compromise Nokia settled for and I for one am glad they did it this way.

    The one thing that bugs me is the 1 min. limit on voice recording. I have a lot of occasions for using my phone as a voice recorder and I wish E65 provided for a longer session.

  13. all in all this is a good phone but my favorite pet peeves are as follows:

    1)no recurring alarm clock. this is a business phone for gods sake. and please don't tell me u can add a daily calendar reminder that does the same thing. it's not the same. even a cheap low end phone has this feature.

    2)can't change font size. why not??? why should i have toi be forced to read tiny letters on home screen? other nokia phones have this feature and it's not like it's difficult to implement.

    3)very low warning signal for low battery which is NOT user adjustable. bad . very bad.

    4) cannot add a fullscreen background picture. fullscreen pic can only be applied within a new theme.

    in conclusion, i can do away with the run of the mill camera (it wasnt a priority and thats why i don't care about it), but i believe nokia has removed, or not included, if you will, very basic features that should be present in ALL phones, moreso in a business phone

  14. I have my E65 since April 2007 and I am still extremely happy with it and with all its features. Battery life is more than ok, even with e-mail polling (via WiFi, though...) and, even though it is a bit of the sluggish persuasion, I think I can leave with it. Basically: even though there are now lots of other, more advanced/modern phones on the market, I cannot see a reason to upgrade.
    My one problem and Nemesis with this phone: after 7-10 days of operation, screen saver totally refuses to enable when the phone is unused. As a result, battery life is cut in half. I always have to power off and restard the phone, to solve the problem. It is annoying, especially due to the long time it takes to boot up. Other than that, complete happiness.

  15. Too slow. Poor camera. Unsatisfactory battery life , frequent crushing just to mention a few

  16. It's slow. It's slower than my old piece of crap Samsung. But then again, the E65 does do a whole lot more. A few minor things-the calendar, which I use a lot, doesn't have an anniversary event type, with a repeat option that can let you repeat dates a year later, or something. I like using my phone to keep track of birthdays, so this makes it difficult.

    Also, why is there only one alarm? That seems kind of ridiculous.

    The battery cover always scares me, since sometimes it seems so flimsy. I just try not to mess with it so it won't get loose(r), but...

    I agree with whoever dislikes the 1 minute voice recording limit-if you actually use the recorder, you'll find that 1 minute is infuriatingly short.

    I would have appreciated keypad shortcuts for all menu options, instead of just the main icon menu. My last phone had this, so maybe I'm just used to it. But it would make using the E65 a lot faster for me.

    Offline mode is a profile and not a setting in the Phone setting menu...kind of a silly place to put it.

    The default browser is really lame. I use Opera, to much better effect.

    These are just minor gripes. Overall I'm very happy with this phone. It's a reliable post of device-it rarely crashes on me.

  17. I think i like the simpleness of e65,the features are good eccept ;
    1.the camera is verypoor,it dosent 've flash & cannot utilize the whole screen as in my n81.
    2.dosent have podcast,which suppossed as a highe level phone.
    3.why no fm radio as in lower verson phones?.
    4.its very dull even in rebooting.And always hangs.
    5.not enough calender features.