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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Take a Photo of your Nokia Screen

Some of the regular readers of MyE65 would have noticed recently that there have been more screenshots used on this blog. There is a free program online which allows you to take a photo of your screen by using a shortcut key combination (for example pressing down the PENCIL button and the default button). All you need to do is load up the program and have it run in the background. You can choose the shortcut key that you want to use to take photos of your screen. Ths is useful if you would like to show a problem on your screen for example, or if you are running a blog about your phone, or just to email an image of a funny text msg you received from someone. Whether you are a freeware enthusiast, a blogger or just bored, check out this program here at You won't be the first, over 250,000 downloads have already been recorded! For the record, your E65 is a Symbian S60 (the first download option). If you wanna try it out, upload your screenshot and leave a comment here.

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