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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check ALL your email addresses with GMAIL

Gmail has a feature now which allows gmail to retrieve a copy of all your emails from another POP3 email account and use the GMAIL application on your Nokia E65 or other Symbian phone to check two or three email accounts at the same time just with one press of the button!
So how does it work? Go to SETTINGS in your gmail and go to ACCOUNTS --> GET MAIL FROM OTHER ACCOUNTS --> enter all your details like name and email address. TICK "leave a copy on the server" which will make gmail check that account but won't download the emails so that yo ucan still download it on to your outlook or whatever program you normally use to keep your emails.
Why would  you want to set this up? If you want to switch to GMAIL, this is one way to ensure you don't miss any emails from your old email account. If you are like me and prefer a non-gmail account, this serves as a way of checking your email on the run without having to type in your login and password every time. All you need to do is run the GMAIL application on your phone and you can see all the emails from your Telstra, Optus, iiNET, Dodo, arachnet, Westnet or whatever ISP account you have. You can even reply using gmail as if you were using your ISP's account. That and other features can be explored in the gmail settings.
Before this feature, if you wanted to check, say, your ISP Telstra or Optus email address, you will need to login using a POP3 or webmail feature. if you wanted to keep a back up of your emails you had to make outlook forward all the emails you receive to gmail. This meant that everything in your inbox would come in and then be sent out again to gmail, increasing your SENT box and taking 2x the time. Sometimes Outlook would play up and if the operation was cancelled for whatever reason, the rest of the new emails coming in wouldnt be sent to gmail. That meant that you needed to forward each email painfully. Even when you got into gmail, all the emails would say they were from your other email address, even though they were actually from someone else. that made it hard to find straight away an email from a particular person. This is one very cool feature that gmail has implemented, making it more and more convincing that everyone will soon be on GMAIL instead.

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  1. pls tell me how do u check gmail on e65.. although i use only yahoo but i want to try this technique of downloading yahoo via gmail also.. wut r the gmail settings for the pop3 or any app to use etc...

  2. Use your phone to go to and it will ask if you want to install the software. More can be found in this post here:

  3. So ... I've got my E65 working great. I'm a longtime user of GMail and enjoying the accessibility I have via my new E65 ... however...

    1. I find that for downloading attachments, I can only do it via the web-based GMail and not the downloaded Mobile version. ... But I can deal with that ...

    2. My BIGGEST PROBLEM is that every time I want to connect using the GMail application installed on the E65 I get this window: "WEP key for WLAN" and I have to key in the access code. This is ok if it's my home WLAN and I have a relatively easy key, but my office WLAN has a 128-bit WEP (25 characters) that I have to key in each time ... THERE MUST BE A WAY TO SAVE THIS KEY TO MY PHONE MEMORY (WLAN Wizard?) Right?...

    Can anyone help with this?

  4. Copy the WEP Key to your NOTES (an application within OFFICE) or to a SMS message which you dont send but save it as a draft. When you need it you can copy and paste it ( into your WLAN. There's no easier way.

  5. Thanks ... now that I have that taken care of ... riddle me this:

    How do I attach a file to outgoing Gmail message?

    I can't seem to do it on the web-based or the downloaded version ...

    Any tips?