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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Installing... installing what?

I upgraded my Nokia E65 firmware and now every time i start up the phone it wants to install some new applications which it then says is not available. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know what you did about it. I need to find a way of deleting the application from the APPLICATION MANAGER so if you know, reply by way of a comment.

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  1. i think there is no way out of that..
    my friend had the same problem with his 7710 when he updated firmware. he tried reupdating the firmware which was not possible.. finally he had to upgrade to another firmware.. after which the installing app dissappeared and an app icon started appearing but the app never opened (app error) it turned out to be a nokia dictionary..

  2. Go to the the application manager in the tools section, this will list all the programs installed and not installed on the phone, you need to write down the file names of all the ones that are NOT installed, then connect your phone to your PC in data mode (NOT PC SUITE MODE), this is difficult to do sometimes because the phone may say the card is in use, then use your PC to search the phone for the files you have written down and simply delete them, this removes them from the list in application manager (the phone tries to install any files that are not installed when it starts up).

  3. Hello! I tryed to remove from G:\sys\install\sisregistry the a0000bc9 folder but after restarting the phone i have still the install progress. I can´t find either the a0000bc9.sis file on data connection or if i using my card reader. I upgraded to newest firm today...the phone is slowwwwwww like a PII 286 or win95:(. Some hint? Thanx

  4. So the solution to delete these sis files is to
    - write down their names
    - connect you phone to a PC in USB mass storage mode
    - on the PC, search the card for files and folders that contain the application ID in it (for example, search for a0000bc9). Do not forget to search for hidden files and folders as well.
    - Delete all those files and folders (this will effectvely delete the entire application for your memory card). You'd better actually copy these files and folders on you PC first so that you can restore them if something went wrong.
    - That's it. Your applications are now deleted and their sis files won't show up anymore in the application installer. You can now re-install them from scratch.
    Do not forget to search for hidden files and folders as well.

    Do not forget to search for hidden files and folders as well.

    Do not forget to search for hidden files and folders as well!!!
    Now the phone feels good and the cpu working on 5 T Hz:)

  5. Thanks Ferkoma for your contribution. Should be helpful to some people out there...

  6. Hi,
    My 6-yr-old was fiddling around with my Nokia E63, when the gmail icon suddenly dissapeared from the screen.
    To access it, I need to go back to Menu>Installations>Email.
    How do I get it back on the screen?
    Thx in anticipation!

  7. i think you need to go to home - tools - settings - general - personalisation - home screen - mode settings - home screen applications - application shortcuts

  8. hi frnds
    i updated my nokia e 65 ... in the middle of the update i my laptop said tht device is not connected ..and aftr tht my fone is dead .. i did many things bt now fone is not strtng .. can anybody help me regarding this

  9. and i even tried to flash and all other codes i used its still not strtng