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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Nokia E65 voip dont you work?

I am trying to get my VOIP on my E65 working but after putting in the settings that supposedly work with Nokia E series, I get this message.
"Unable to save: profiles in same realm must have same user name"
Anyone have any ideas? I have googled it and I only come across this website here but that didnt really help.

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  1. I cannot get it to work either. I have installed Intellisync call connector for cisco 1.1.1, and the E65 does not register. I have tried to contact Nokia for support but no reply. We are using Call Manager Express 4.2 and we are trying to use SCCP. If you can get it work I would be very much interested to hear about it!

  2. hey man i had no problem getting this done with internet calls by the phone but i recommend the fring app
    if u have any questions feel free to email me

  3. did you get it working? i can email a pdf that should help.

  4. Here is the solution:
    In the Relame the name of your provider should be like:

    Good luck

  5. I Deleted all sip profiles. All wlan acess points saved in memory, as clean as possible , i saved 1 voipbuster configuration in inbox, after many they sent me, when i was troubleshooting.
    I turned off mobile.
    I turned on , let it come alright. wlan scanning off, recharging.. then i saved settings from the message.
    went to take a look @ sip profiles menu. when i saw the icon of internet tel. at top.

    It's a great device.