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Friday, January 25, 2008

Why Nokia E65? - Youtube on your phone

Congratulations, if you have Nokia E65 you can now get Youtube on your phone! You can view clips on your phone by going to on your phone and it should prompt you to download a YouTube application. Warning: As videos are data intensive, it is advised that you do not use youtube on your phone unless you have a phone plan that includes a generous amount of DATA.
Alternatively, you can use your phone to connect to FREE WIRELESS internet at home or at a nearby cafe providing free WIFI and surf to youtube that way. With Google and your Nokia E65, your computer is fast becoming irrelevant.. Leave a comment if you have tried YouTube on your Nokia E65. Articles on this release can be found here or here

I have not been able to get YouTube working on my phone. I refuse to use the Optus Streaming feature as it eats up a lot of my money. I tried using my home LAN but it doesnt seem to work.

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  1. Hi There, I have a Nokia E65 but always had problems with The YoutUBE Applivation, so i went in search of another YouTube Program that would work. I stumbled across another YouTube Application that i think is way cooler, Its Called 'MobiTubia'. Its works and Looks Great, with its fancy 3D menu's and give you full screen across the Vertical side of your Screen. Check it out on this Link :

  2. FINALLY got youtube videos to play on my e65 using the youtube application! I was getting a ridiculous error message, saying that my connection wasn't fast enough - whilst using wifi over my 8Mbit Internet connection at home! If i switched to use my lousy (and expensive) edge connection it worked, though slowly.
    Now it works via wifi - the trial was to in in to the realplayer in the gallery, choose settings, network - in there i set the access point to my home wireless, then i opened advanced settings (left soft button) and found that the wifi speed was set to user defined value of 999999. I changed it to 1000kbps and powo! Videos are playing!
    Now all i need is to get them to play in full screen...

  3. how can I download videos of youtube? Is there any application to download videos?