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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nokia E65 Hacks - Memory Card Password?

For some reason even when you did not add a password to your memory card, sometimes your phone after a factory reset, may ask you for a password for your memory card. There is a way around this. Go to SETTINGS à SECURITY à REMOTE LOCK and add a new codeword for locking your phone eg “lockthis” and put in your lock CODE (default is 12345). When this is done, use your lock codeword “lockthis” as the password for the memory card and you should be able to get into your memory card again.

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  1. Hey, What a sooo amazing Blogspot i really appreciate it :) and go on my friend.
    i have a problem with my memory card
    i locked it with a password but i forgot that password, do u have any ideas to get it back??
    plz reply if u know
    and here is my mail

  2. You might have to wipe your memory card. Not sure...

  3. i just got my Nokia phone. a new one and its the memory card is locked.
    and suggestions?

  4. I finally figured this out: The memory card password is the first 8 letters of your OLD remote password. I tried that and it worked for me. I had previously set a remote password for my phone before I updated the firmware. Although the firmware has been updated, the old remote password was still attached to the memory card. So try using the first 8 letters of your OLD remote password and it should work.

  5. Password is your "OLD spanking pin code"
    Ty and good bye;)

  6. Thanks a lot, I love you! You have save over 6GB of Data on my E71 ;)

  7. Hey, you saved not only my data and my time, you even saved me calling the stupid fucks from my mobile phone provider again which said, that my sd card had a password before an I forgot it. I never had ;-).

  8. hi,
    this is Sekhar sending u a BIG THANK U>Thanks a lot as my m-card got locked & now after seeing ur tip just regained it,&felt so happy.

  9. hey! thanks a lot!

    it really worked.

    here's what happened in my case:

    i have a 2 gb microsd from kingston, i set up remote lock, tried it, and the remote lock worked. after a few days, my microsd started acting up, i would have to reseat it to make it work. and then i tried inserting it to my card reader to access it and it could not be accessed. tried formatting it, could not be formatted by a vista computer. tried accessing it using the disk management tool of vista to delete the partitions in the card (if there are any), even that is not able to read the card. when i insert it to my e63, it could be accessed normally but it would say that it is password protected. i tried removing the password, whatever password i use, would not work. checked nokia help, it said "format it and the card should be unlocked or the password issue should be taken care of," i did. lo and behold, password is still there! OMG! and so i thought, card must be busted. but the card is not even a year old yet. i told myself i will never buy a kingston card again, bad quality.

    i settled using the 1gb card that came with the phone, tried remote lock again, OMG! same thing happened to the 1gb card. that was when i started to doubt the help provided by nokia, formatting the card does not remove the password.

    did some research, and i ended up with your post/blog. i tried your solution, and it worked on both of my microsd's --- HOORAY!

    lesson learned - don't trust nokia too much. hehe.

    once again, thanks a lot for your blog/post about this issue. i was almost getting ready to ship my microsd to kingston to get it replaced.


  10. Hey My mobile model is E51. This remote lock process is working in E51 but it is unlocking my memory card after giving the lockcode provided to remotelock.

    Please help me guys.....


  11. i went into settings and changed remote lock... what do i set it to? i tried what is written above and it didn't work.

  12. it worked for me in my e65...2gb kingston microsd..2days old

    i just changed the remote lock password


    use ur OLD remote lock password..(i mean the previous password of ur remote lock)to unlock ur memmory card

    it worked for mr dudesss

  13. i have nokia e63 and i forget my security code how do i reset my password plz help me out i am in big trouble.

  14. I've forgotten my lock code and can't go beyond start up screen ... is there any do-it-myself option or is the only option to take it to Nokia care? Thanks

  15. not that i know of.. sorry anonymous..

  16. i tried like you said what to do to unlock but it didn't help, i crate a password to remote lock and all of that and when i go to type the password (memory card) it say wrong pass... any solutions?

  17. how to hack nokia e63 is available at

  18. hi am using nokia e65 i didnt applied memory card password but after favctory reseting my memory card is lock and is asking for password i have already tried the above settings but still getting msg incorrect password plz help me as i dont want to lose my data


  19. OK i did it, little of searching over the net and finito. I mean this is a good way to hack your memory card, but if this dont work on some phones than this will do:
    1. download x-plore:
    2. instal into your phone
    3. remove your memory card x-plore (then menu>tools>configuration> and then mark show hidden files, show system files/folders) and go to C: sys > data and rename mmcstore into mmcstore.txt ( if you dont find there mmcstore try little bit of yourself to find it, there must be in sys or system folder :) )
    5. now copy that file into your computer and open it with a notepad and then you will see your password...


  20. Hii,
    Am using nokia E65 mobile. To protect my memory card i have set a passord..evn then am able to acces my memory card. so i restarted my mobile .after switching on my moibil when i try to access my memory card it is showing the message that memory card is corrupted. can please give me a solution for this . i want to protect my memory card with a remote lock password is different and the password i used to lock my memory card is different.
    please find me a soloution for this


    by the way, I'm using E63.

  22. Have E71 .. and i hard reset the set .. and it says my memory card is locked with some password .. which i dont even remeber i have put on it any time in my life .. how can i unlock it .. ? i have tried everything that is written up there .. nothing is worked .. my memory card is still locked i have tried every possible combination that i could get ...

    Please help me ...

  23. hi, i am using nokia eseries..i put a security code for my phone and sim and put a memory card password too..but i forgot both..pls help me...this is my email

  24. Hi, I'm using a nokia 2730, and I'm to password protect my memory card. However, when I set any passwords, the phone never asks me for them when I e.g. enter the memory card, if that makes sense.
    My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask!

  25. i followed your guide , after a firmware upgrade 2 gb memory card , got locked requesting a password . but your guide hasnt worked for me onmy nokia e65 , tried it several times . no joy

  26. your solution is not worked with my e65. my card is still blocked.
    please give another solution.

  27. YOU SHOULD TRY TO REMEMBER YOUR OLD REMOTE LOCK CODE. FAILING THAT, YOU MUST HACK YOUR PHONE, in this link you can find a safe way without flashing the firmware.



    any thing contact me at

    1. BTW, i am using a E65 witch was sucessfully hacked today :)