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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nokia E65 new firmware - Should I get it?

My Answer, no. But if you want it, go to this post. I have installed the new firmware 2.065.... whatever. It hasnt really added to my Nokia E65 experience so I am tempted to say dont bother, unless someone else has found something that they enjoy about the new firmware. You can see all the new features of the new firmware here.

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  1. ok sir.. but if u find something worthy of upgrade let us know.. like an increase in gprs speed.. err or something like that (i wish!!!)

  2. hey can u pls tell me if u had any problems with the firmware update till now...

    im planning to do it.. pls let me know.. i hear many r facing problems and we cant downgrade.. and some say the update has been officially removed from nokia sites! is it true?

  3. I've upgraded for a few weeks now, its pretty good. Nothing new that really stands out.