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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nokia E65 top 5 on

The imobile top 5 website has had Nokia E65 in the top five for the past five weeks at the time this post went up. This is part of what they said:

The E65 is a great upgrade to the Nokia 6288 handset. It has more of a business focus, and includes a wide range of pre-installed productivity applications. There’s also the restyled exterior, which has been thinned down to 15.5mm. Highlight features of the E65 include the wide network support (quad-band 2G and 2100MHz 3G), Bluetooth, Infrared, and USB connectivity, microSD memory card support, and the Symbian operating system. There’s great support for BlackBerry and Mail for Exchange push e-mail services (with compatible servers), and the usual suite of SMS, MMS, instant messaging, and regular e-mail support has been included.

The rest can be found here.

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  1. Hello, I'm having some issues with my e65 (it's only six months old) such as no alert when an sms is received, freezing and other random things. Wondering if you could help? Please e-mail if you're up to the challenge. Cheers, Sair.

  2. You will need to take it back to the shop that sold it to you. If it came like that, obviously you got a bad phone so nothing we can "hack" to make manufacturer problems go away :)