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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nokia E65 SAR Radiation Concerns?

A TV "current affairs" program in Australia yesterday raised concerns regarding the safety of the Nokia E65 radiation levels. The standard SAR is apparently 2 watts/kg but the Nokia E65 in their tests had a reading of 3.35 / 5.84. The other phones "tested" were:

1. Sagem and Vodafone 226
2 Sony Ericsson W910I : 2.14
3. Telstra HTV and Touchphone 850: 2.46 2.92
4. Nokia E65: 3.35 5.84

However, Mr Althaus of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) said that this was no big deal since “The standards have a 50-fold safety margin". This means, the radiation would have to be about 100 before there is a problem.

I am not an expert but I know well enough that the program which aired these concerns (Today Ton1ght) are known for sensationalising stories and their "scientific research" is often not very reliable.

Having heard about this report, I found this article from a company called EMFacts Consultancy who were very quick to analyse (or criticise) the story. You can read it here. One quote from the article said about the research:

I would add that using a ‘phantom jell’ to approximate the human brain is a totally inaccurate representation of the human brain - unless you happen to have a head filled with jello! Such crude measurements cannot pick up reflections and hot-spots in brain structures. And all this is only for SAR thermal effects. It is very crude and this is the usual method the manufacturers use to test phone compliance"

So Nokia E65 users rest easy for now until a researcher leaves us a comment to give us more cause for concern about our E65s :)

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