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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to sync 'n' print your Nokia E65 calendar schedule

This is somewhat related to the tip about syncing your phone with Google Calendar. One way you can print out a schedule from your phone is to sync your mobile with Outlook using the PC Suite and print out the calendar from Outlook.

If you have other Google calendars that you use, you can use the Google Sync tool to sync Outlook with Google Calendar and print out an agenda from there. This can be a very useful way of printing your phone calendar events with, say, your company's events if they are on Google calendar. Another advantage of syncing your phone calendar with your google/outlook calendars is the ease of inputting events on the comptuer rather than on your phone.

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To read more about syncing your Nokia E65 (or any other Nokia phone) with Outlook, see this post

To sync your Mobile phone with Outlook and with Google, see this post or download from Google here

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  1. Personnaly, I syncronize my E65 directly with my Google Calendar, using Goo-Sync

  2. Schinze - yeah thats a good tip for those that dont use outlook.

  3. Try

    It is free