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Thursday, April 17, 2008

WOMWorld welcomes E65 to the family

Call us the ignorant minority but E series users may not have heard of the Nokia sponsored website WOM World but it is a news site featuring the latest news tips and updates for Nokia N-series mobiles. Yesterday, WOM World announced that they are now going to include E-series news and updates on their website which you can view here. It was already apparent that they started covering the E65 when the recent article on using Nokia Calendar was mentioned on the WOM World site. This is a great development for Nokia users because in a time-poor world, everyone wants to know how quick tips and tricks how to use their gadget effectively to improve their experience, and their life! In the end, the users, and Nokia of course, benefit from this site and from the convergence of Nokia users of various expertise. Check it out and for those E65 users visiting from WOM World, enjoy the 100+ tips available here on how to make the most of your E65...

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