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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All You Need to Know About your Nokia E65 Alarm Clock

1. Works when its off. This might be plain obvious to some but to others, it will be quite a surprise. Your Nokia alarm clock works even when the phone is turned off. This means that after you have set your alarm, you can turn it off before you go to sleep. This will:
1. Stop people from calling you in the middle of the night
2. Save your battery power
3. Prevent radiation affecting your sleep as some reports have indicated

2. Alarm Clock does not vibrate when charging. Your Nokia doesn't vibrate when it is being charged so if your alarm goes off, the vibration won't.

3. Cannot set multiple alarms. Save your effort, there is no multiple alarm setting for the alarm clock - for the Nokia E65 anyway. The only other way is to set alarms in your calendar entries if you want more than one alarm set in one go. You'll need a next generation Nokia E series to do this.

4. You can learn something new every morning with your alarm clock. Most people would probably have worked out that you could use a song as your alarm clock (yeah, Beautiful Day is a great idea for an alarm), but have you ever thought of setting your alarm clock to something you can learn? Read more here if you want to know how or why anyone would do that. Note: only the first 90 sec of the recording will be used by the alarm clock.

5. You can set your own recording as your alarm clock. For example, you can use Voice Recorder to record a sound file of you yelling "WAKKKKEEEE UPPPPPPP!!!" to get yourself out of bed. Or read yourself 10 reasons to get out of bed if you prefer a more gentle form of coercion.

6. Set your CLOCK as your shortcut key. Since the alarm is something you probably use every day, it may be a good idea to set your clock (and therefore your alarm clock) as a shortcut key on your phone. This will save you a few precious seconds before you fall asleep and save you from forgetting to set your alarm.

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  1. I didn't knew the trick of the alarm still running with the phone turned off ! Thanks !

    And it even works with my old 6310i

  2. You may not need to Turn the phone off when you sleep. There is like a offline mode you can choose from which disables the phone network services. Hence no radiation!? Hope i am right about this.

  3. If the built-in alarm is too limited then why not try 'Alarm Pro' for 3rd Edition Symbian S60. I have had it installed for many, many months now and would be lost without it!

    Multiple alarms. I have had as many as nine on the go, I don't know what the limit is.

    You can have ifferent tones or tune s for each alarm. Being a lazy so-and-so I have to wake up to three alarms in the morning, each with a steadily more annoying tune!

    Next, how about the fact that it will play the WHOLE tune, not just 90 seconds of it.

    As if all that were not enough, you can set the alarms to be; one-off, specific day/s or even periodic. For example, two of my morning three alarms are set to activate at the same times on Mon thru Fri, whilst the third and latest also rings on Saturdays too!

    I use the one-off alarm when I need to be reminded of something (I tend to use it to ensure I don't burn what's in the oven.)

    Lastly, I even found a use for the periodic setting recently when playing a buggy game (Sim City 4, if you must know,) that keeps crashing. I set it to go off every 20 minutes to keep reminding me to save my progress. Brilliant!

    Like the E65's built-in alarm, it keeps going through shut-downs, by virtue of a 'start on boot' setting, and you can set a default tune for all future alarms to make setting them quick and painless.

    I can't remember where I obtained this little wonder now but i'm sure if you google the above name and that of the programmers; Intellsys, you'll soon find it.

    Good luck, and WAKE UP!!!

  4. I spend valuable time looking for a software alarm to help me wake me up... until I realize I can set in the calendar a new entry/meeting and set it for a daily advice alarm (in my case at 6:45 AM) for a whole year. ...If you dont mind to wake up even on weekends.

  5. That's a good tip using the calendar as an alarm. If you want to set a weekday only alarm, you can create a recurring alarm in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook for weekdays only and then sync it with your phone calendar.

    One problem with having an alarm every day for the calendar is that every day will have an event which makes it hard to glimpse at your calendar and see when you have the next major appointment. Not a big deal but something to consider.

  6. I cant find the way to set my alarm tone to be a mp3 song, it doesnt show as an option for alarm tone settings... any ideas.
    I have those mp3 files stored in my sd card.

  7. Under OPTIONS go to SETTINGS, CLOCK ALARM TONE and go into that menu

  8. I have the same problem, I just can't set an mp3, acc or m4a different of the original contents of the e65. I tried to copy my songs to the SD and to the memory phone and still without see my songs in the list. I've update my musical library and it doesn't works neither. I don't know how other thing to do. Any suggestions? thanks a lot.

  9. Dumb question, but how do you set the alarm? When I look under "Settings" I can figure out how to change the alarm tone, but not how to set the alarm in the first place.

    I generally make a Calendar appointment every time I need an alarm, which is a bit cumbersome, but I don't know how else to set an alarm!

  10. Alarm clock on the E65 is quite well hidden. You would think that there would be a direct shortcut in the main menu to it but there isnt. The next logical place you think to find it is in Settings.

    However, the alarm clock is in OFFICE --> CLOCK --> options --> SET ALARM. Hope that helps you :)

  11. Thanks! Like you say it's quite hidden - I don't think I've looked in the "Office" folder for ages!

    When I was looking for the setting I wasn't at the office - I guess Nokia presumes I don't want to set the alarm from home ;-)

    Thanks for your very quick reply MyE65!

  12. handy alarm or nicealarm do what this phone SHOULD have done in the first place!

  13. cant get my E65 out of offline mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!please help

  14. My nokia e65 shuts down every morning at 10:57am. I have no idea why, when check the alarm it is also setup on 10:57am which I haven't setup, even if I change the alarm time the nex day it would be the same 10:57am and the phone will shutdown. If any one who can help because sometime I forget to turn on the phone and it would be switched off all day.

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  16. I use that feature frequently. Has been very useful.