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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tips for travelling with your E65 or other Nokia

Hands up those who forgot something when they went travelling? Well, the following list will help you minimise SOME of those things and help you use your E65 to travel like a frequent flyer.

1. Check roaming is activated. If you intend to be contacted by people calling your current number, you should ensure that international roaming has been activated. It would also be adviseable to check the call rates for roaming so that you don't come home to a nasty bill. Another tip regarding roaming is that if you SMS, usually the charge for this service is very reasonable so use SMS as much as you can when traveling.

2. Notes Store your essential information on your phone. If you are storing sensitive information like passport numbers, maybe its a good idea to store it in a note without specifying that it is your passport number. Call it your mother(land)'s number or something. Things you might store could be:

- Hotel address and contact numbers and booking reference numbers

- Emergency contact numbers

- Good places to get free wifi, cheap food

3. Calendar Store your flight times, booking details and key appointments. Backup to gmail or google calendar.

4. Charger / Spare Battery This is one of those things that most commonly gets left behind when you go on holidays. It is worth carrying a spare battery with you wherever you go as well because your you really need your phone operational because it also acts as a PDA, computer, notes, map, tour guide and calculator. (Try using a conversion application for currencies. All you need to do is input the rate and just input the amount you want to convert).

5. Backup your mobile numbers, sms, calendars etc using your PC suite so that if anything happens to your mobile phone on holidays, you are not completely devastated.

6. Store your IMEI number in case your phone is lost or stolen. The IMEI number can be contacted

7. Remote Locking Figure out how this works before you leave... a video will be posted here in due time but for now check out this link for more about this security feature I bet you didn't know existed on your E65. :)

8. Translator? If you do not speak the language, consider a program such as which provides programs such as XS2Beijing, XS2Bangkok, XS2Rome etc. This program will speak out through your loudspeaker, common phrases that you might need if you do not speak the local language. Read more here

If you didn't forget your toothbrush, then you are on your way to a happy holiday or business trip with these tips. Find more tips how you can make the most of your Nokia E65, use the search bar on the right or maybe follow the previous posts in the archive.

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  1. Hint for people travelling by rail in the UK; the site, which is very mobile device friendly, has the option to save timetable gen for your selected journey straight to your phone's calendar (one entry for each leg of your journey).

  2. I'd love to know how storing an IMEI number on the phone is going to help you remember the said number if the phone gets stolen...