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Friday, April 4, 2008

$19 CAP plan with Optus - FREE Nokia E65 deal!

Optus has just released a new deal which should have everyone reading this rushing out the door to get a Nokia E65. Their Optus $19 cap plan now includes a free Nokia E65! This includes $50 worth of free calls each month but this should only suit occasional mobile phone users. Or those looking to purchase a Nokia E65 for AU$456 paid over 24 months.

Here's what it includes
- Free calls to other optus pre-paid and plan users from 8pm - 12pm for 20min at a time (called "yes time")
- Free calls to other optus mobiles on the same bill, if you put this new phone on an existing mobile phone bill
- $50 worth of included calls, sms, international sms, video calls, mms, push to talk, and voicemail
- Free Nokia E65

Call rates are at:
47c per 30seconds with a 35c flagfall

SMS are at:
25c anywhere in Australia
50c international.

At the time of posting, the cheapest you can buy a Nokia E65 is $375 upfront as checked up on but the average price is about $550. It would almost be worth signing up for this plan just for the phone.

Asking the Optus World people, the next up offer is the $49 cap but you have to pay an extra $5 per month for handset repayments! I don't think this deal will last long if the take-up is good.

If you are looking for a deal that includes wireless broadband, check out this deal

If you are wanting to spend more than $50 per month on calls, maybe a $29 cap is better with Three. Maybe good to be three.

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  1. Before anyone does this....

    I just bought a second hand e65, from an existing Optus customer. I can't remove the Optus Zoo Branding eta eta eta. Can this be removed (ie debranding)? I tried a software update and it came right back. I suspect this is whats messing up my modem/WIFI connections.

    Answers please :)

  2. I am quite sure this can be done. Try a factory reset: *#7370#

  3. You cannot remove the Optus Branding with a factory reset. The firmware loaded onto your E65 is customized with Optus Zoo brandings.

    The only way to remove it is to flash the firmware with a normal firmware that is available on phones that do not come on Optus, 3, Vodafone etc.