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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gmail Mobile doesnt send emails! 404 Error that wont go away

I am quite surprised that such a well used mobile application can still exist with this problem - I have been using the Gmail application for my E65 and its great to check email. It stays logged in so all I need to do is open up the applicatin and i can check my email straight away. However. If I ever try to reply an email, it comes up with a 404 Error.

I thought that it was because my Gmail program was out of date (it was, but after installing the update 1.5 it still did not work!) How did they miss this? Also, it logs out of gmail so one has to input the password again. If anyone knows a fix for this, please reply. If it works for you, please state your mobile type as it may be a problem isolated to some mobile models.

EDIT: This error has been solved. Go to to see the fix!

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  1. I use the GMail app on my E65 and everything works fine for me. About retyping the login, there is an option to remember login. Try looking at the options.

  2. I am a long time user of the S60 Gmail client on the E65 and haven't had these issues. A software conflict perhaps?

  3. I use the GMail app in my E65, and I'm having the same problem: the program can't send enything to the server, only receive. This is a terrible problem to me, because I'm having to go to the page on the internet if I want to send something. When you open a message in the GMail app with this problem, if you go to the computer and open your account, this message is still labeled as 'unread'. Because, as I said, the GMail can't send anything to the server, including the information that the message was read.
    If you have any news about that, ou any other information, let's talk about that. I'm really interessted to solve this problem. (