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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

7 Things you can do with your Nokia Notes

Here are a couple of ideas which you can use for the NOTES feature of your phone. For those ideas that involve your computer, you can save a TEXT file (open Notepad in Windows) and drag that text file into your Nokia PC Suite or to your Bluesoleil bluetooth application. Hope that maybe one or two of these will benefit you.

1. Record a list of restaurants that you would like to try, for times when you can't think of any.

2. List names of people that you need to see, talk to about something, or give something to and then delete their names as you do so.
3. Save an article from the internet that you would like to read later on
4. Take a moment to write down things that you would like to do or remember
5. Text in people's email addresses or details that you dont want to put in the contact book yet (sometimes adding a stranger's name into your contact book is no good when you forget their name later and cant find it in your contact book)
6. Nokia Notes' puts the most updated notes file at the top of the list and records the date (and time) that the file was last editted. This can help you to keep a diary of events or blog posts that you would like to upload later when you get to a computer.

7. List down Bible verses that you would like to memorise and open up that notes file when you dont have anything else to do.

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