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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shrinking My Location - Google Map for Mobiles

Google has just announced their latest initiative in making Google Map for Mobiles more intelligent in figuring out where you are (without using GPS). We've talked about Google's use of mobile phone towers to find out where you are (in Australia within 1.5km radius) but now it seems that Google will also use the WIFI hotspot that you are connected to, to find out where you are.

Question is... does it work with Nokia E65? I haven't noticed the change but I believe it is only relevant to Blackberry phones (but I could be wrong). Try it out today.. but if it still doesnt work for us, I can say I am so bad at directions that I'm quite content with knowing where I am within 1.5km radius..

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  1. It works on my E65. I think it is based on mobile UMTS (3g) network because it only shows two "my locations" although i know many GSM basic stations which are closer to me. It can be helpful, but nothing more than that.