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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Transferring SMS messages between phones

It is increasingly popular for people to carry two phones around with them. This leads to the problem of not knowing which phone has an SMS that you are looking for. I am not sure how many people have tried this but let's say you have two phones and you would like to amalgamate your SMS messages into one phone, is it possible? Here are the things I have considered, feel free to add in.

* Backup through PC Suite means that if you restor the backup onto the second phone, won't the existing SMS on that phone get wiped as well? This should only be used when you are transferring to a new phone with no existing contacts and SMS or restoring your contacts etc after a firmware upgrade.

* Transferring via Sync This is a tactic i tried but the two Nokia phones would not sync the SMS messages properly. For some reason, it worked when one phone was empty but after that the two phones refused to sync with each other the SMS messages.. I can see why this would not be very desirable as your friend could easily download ur sms messages to his phone and read it at his leisure.. but is there a way for those legitimate times when you just want to see all your sms in one phone?

Has anyone had a successful transfer of SMS from one phone to another?

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  1. Perfect Question!! I also have two phones both Nokia, 6680 and N73. Both have sms and mms messages that i would like to sync to each phone.

    I have yet to find a easy way to sync them. I thought maybe Ovi would support that or even Microsoft Data Backup (beta) might do in the future.

    Also i'm looking to get a new phone as my contract is up for renewal... Not sure which way i'll go... maybe a Nokia or Samsung Omina (WM 6.1) But i'm scared that the SMS will not travel to Samsung should i go that way. Plus i love the way my sms and mms is stored on my memory stick rather than Sim and Phone Memory..

    I will be looking back for answer!

    But a brillant question

  2. Use Noki Gem, you need to backup each phone seperately as *nbu files. Then use Noki Gem to combine these backup files and restore the combined backup file to the one phone.

    This is a workaround cus Nokia programs are useless

  3. Noki also has a viewer for the backup files in case you want to keep your phone memory free but want to see old messages on your PC (Note: the problem with this is that Noki will only show the number of the sender, the contact name will be lost from the message.

  4. no other than maybe transfer your messages by bluetooth if Sony can receive them that way