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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why NES? Discoverable, Easy Setup, Predictable Price

We've just come out of an online meeting with Andrew Mahon, Nokia Email Service's (NES) product manager and Davis Fields who works with feedback to NES. The Nokia Email Service, has recently come out of Nokia testing labs and into the world of great expectations. With BlackBerry curiously eyeing its new rival, NES was described by Mr Fields as discoverable - "people don't even know that their phones can get email, even though it's been on the phone for years"

Another cool feature is the "ease of setup". I only had to put in my email address and password and the rest of the information was found by Nokia. Many people using emails dont know what POP3 and SMTP and IMAP means. The Nokia Email Service enables users to get up and running in seconds.

Finally and most mysteriously, our friends at Nokia talked about the "predictable price" that will come with NES - that is, when the price is announced. Currently it is a free service but knowing the way Nokia works, the pricing should be quite affordable as their Music service has recently shown.

I've started trialing NES and its a promising application. If you want to have a go, follow this link and come back later for more Nokia news here.

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