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Monday, October 27, 2008

How to pick your own mobile phone number in Australia

An interesting thing i noticed in Dick Smith Electronics the other day is that Virgin sells pairs of sim cards for $2. This marketing promotion is to encourage you to buy a sim for you and a friend, even with the two sim card envelopes addressed to you and the other one addressed to your friend.

The interesting thing is that the pre-allocated mobile numbers are consecutive numbers for example:

0449 751 000 and
0449 751 001

This may only be applicable to Australian users but just something to keep in mind if you are picky about having phone numbers that are easy to remember and you would choose the phone numbers based on that. If you know how you can select your own number in your home country, share your strategy here.

If you dont like Virgin Mobile, you could probably buy those sim cards, load up some credit and then port the numbers over to your preferred carrier.

For some Optus and Telstra resellers, they will take out their pre-paid numbers in their shop and allow you to choose the number that you want.

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