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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gmail as a Phone book for number search

Sometimes a person calls up and you don't know who it is. Their ID does not come up but it doesnt necessarily mean that you don't know this person. One of the fastest ways to look up a number is to email your GMAIL account with any list of mobile phone numbers that you may have. You may belong to a club, church, society or organisation where you can just email yourself the list of phone numbers. When you are in a situation which you want to find out who the mystery caller is, go to your gmail and do a search for the phone number.

So how is this a phone hack? Well, now that we all carry mobile phones which can use gmail applications, all you need to do if you have a data connection is look up the phone or details in your gmail application. Within minutes you can find out who called you or what street number that partywas on. Gmail has opened up so many possiblities for phone users.. there are plenty more. just search GMAIL in the search bar to your right or leave a comment to tell us what you use GMAIL for (other than email).

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