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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Send to Bluetooth - More Useful than You Think

When you are rushing out of the house or you have a very important document to bring with you the next day, one thing you can do to insure against leaving it home is to bluetooth the file to you. In Microsoft Word as with many other programs, there is a SEND TO option which you can select BLUETOOTH DEVICE. Since the E65 and most Nokia phones now have access to QuickOffice, this means that you can read a document file on your phone and even make changes to it if you have a more recent Nokia phone (which come with the full license for Quick Office).

At your meeting or whatever, you might even decide that referring to the document on your phone is easier than on paper. Maybe in terms of bringing the document in or perhaps in terms of searching for the relevant sections of the document using the search function of the phone. Its almost like bringing your laptop with you. Hopefully with these tips, you can be more effective in using your Nokia E65 or other Nokia phones. Have you got an office hack that you use your phone for? share it in the comments section below.

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