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Friday, October 17, 2008

More to do with your TO DO

One thing you may notice when looking at your E65 phone calendar is that no matter what day it is, the TO-DO list items stay on the current day. This may be annoying when you have a task that you are perpetually putting off but there are some other uses you may not have thought about.

The most obvious thing to use the Todo list is to add things that you are intending to get done later. While it stays on the Todo list, it can never be forgotten - unlike a calendar reminder which you might get reminded and forget about it later. This often happens when the reminder comes at a time that you are doing something else important and you dismiss it "for the time being".

Also for example, let's say you keep a record of your expenses every day. you can use the todo list to list expenses that you are going to add in to your records later on. When you do add your expenses, clear the todo list items that you have recorded.

People who owe you money. No matter what day it is, you can use your mobile phone to remind you who is outstanding using todo lists.

People you have borrowed something off. This is one of those things that one can very easily forget. What else have you used the TO DO list for?

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